• Welcome to Elaine Meier Associates

    About Us

    What We Do

    New ideas and concepts...not just the first day or first quarter.  We continually reinvent what needs to be done to create excitement, establish brand recognition and achieve sales.

    Elaine Meier Associates creates targeted marketing and public relations strategies that reach potential clients through the media, carefully orchestrated events and community outreach.

    Whether it's real estate, design services, fine art, a charitable cause, a member's club, restaurant, hotel or retail store, Elaine Meier Associates will work hand-in-hand with your team to create maximum results.  


               *Media relations and publicity activities
               *Creative special events
               *Positioning and branding
               *Pre-opening planning
               *Community relations
               *Project repositioning 
               *Establishment of direction and objectives
               *Selection of marketing activities
               *Market and audience identification 
               *Showroom and retail planning
               *Crisis management
               *Feasibility studies

    Our Goal

    There is no greater experience than that of accomplishing a goal with a team of like-minded individuals, who in that moment of accomplishment, exault in the comraderie of success and all that it brings to each person and as a group.

    Elaine Meier